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Hi there.

My name is Daren Thomas Magee. I am an Ojai, California based freelance illustrator, muralist and designer. My inspiration comes from many sources, natural and supernatural. The aim of my work is to speak to the space between imagination and reality, my hope is to leave you to float off in that liminal space into someplace entirely new. 





Please read fully before emailing.

For wholesale inquiries, email me directly at for my current line sheet.

When inquiring about working together, include a thorough brief of the project.

Your brief should include:

  • Proposed budget

  • Timeline

  • Deliverables 

  • A brief overview of your company with a website and/or social media if applicable

  • If you’re looking to license pre-existing work or commission custom work 

Bonus Items to include:

  • Mood/Inspiration Board

  • Ideal Color Palette/Direction (warm or cool, desaturated or rich, black/white vs. color, etc.)

Please be aware that I’m not currently offering custom logos. If you’re looking for a logo, check out the logo shop where you can purchase a pre-made one of a kind mark for your company.

You can use the form below or email me directly at

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